12 of the Best Cheap Beach Vacations in the USA

Going on a beach vacation in the United States doesn’t have to be an ultra-indulgent affair. While many budget travelers tend to avoid seaside towns because of high-season sticker shock, there are plenty of cheap beach vacations on American shores to choose from. With some careful planning, even popular seaside destinations can be more affordable. […]

13 of the Best Places to Live in Mexico

Even before many people quit their office jobs or were switched to a completely remote lifestyle, Mexico was one of the top spots for digital nomads and retirees to resettle. Considering the colorful culture, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking mountains the country has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many people emigrate here. I’ve been […]

8 Lesser-Known Destinations in The US Everyone Should Visit

The extensive landscape of the US makes it a popular destination for tourists the whole year-round. There’s something to do for everyone: families, couples, and single travelers alike. No matter what time of the year you’re visiting, there’s a destination for everyone to enjoy. Whether you love exploring the corners of new cities or you […]

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